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Ingenico secure payment service

Ingenico is part of "Ingenico Epayments" one of the market leaders in online payments. Ingenico has clear and user-friendly payment pages, making it easier for you to pay online. If you see the Ingenico logo with the words "Payment Processed by Ingenico" on the payment page, you can be confident that your payment will be made safely.

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La Agència Valenciana del Turisme

The Valencia Council for Tourism has a general objective to facilitate detailed information about tourism in the Valencia region. The council also initiates the development and use of interactive programmes in order to better serve tourists and meet their needs.

The Valencia Council for Tourism

Asociación empresarial de alquiler de la provincia de Alicante

The business organisation of the rental companies in the Alicante province represents the mutual interests of its participants. Bolstering the reputation of the branch and defending the rights of the associated companies are their main lines of action. The organisation thereby supports the arranged rentals of holiday accommodations and supplies the terms and conditions for a reliable market.

AEA business organisation of the rental companies in the Alicante province

Federación empresarial de alquileres turisticos de la comunidad Valanciana

The Federation of Tourist Rental Companies within the autonomous region of Valancia has as its main objective the full exploitation of the rental portal.

The Federation of Tourist Rental Companies

Europea Seguros de viaje 

On our website, you can conveniently arrange travel and cancellation insurance. This insurance is specially compiled for travelling to and staying in a holiday accommodation.

travel and cancellation insurance EUROPEA

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