How to buy a home in Javea, Spain!

It is essential to obtain all the necessary information in advance


or surroundings

It's important! How to buy a home in Spain!

First of all, it is essential to obtain all the necessary information. Not only about the upcoming purchase, but also about the obligations that a property in Spain entails. In order to find out everything there are several institutions that need to be contacted. Think of the land register data, registrations in the real estate register, is the building in accordance with municipal regulations? What is the actual technical condition of the property?

It's important! For what use are you buying a home in Spain?

Are you going to live here permanently or semi-permanently? Are you going to use the property for the holidays and would you like to rent out the remaining time? These are questions that influence the choice of a suitable home.

It's important! Who will assist you after you have purchased the home of your dreams?

A lot needs to be arranged, think of a gardener, pool man, cleaning service, technical support for repairs and or improvements or renovations and every year tax return. If you live here permanently and have a command of the Spanish language you can of course do all this yourself.

Buying a house or apartment should be a pleasant experience without surprises and setbacks.

Precisely for this reason we have a hand in hand service that covers all facets of a purchase, but it doesn't stop there as with most estate agents, we will continue to help you with whatever you need regarding your home. At Aguila you can count on more than 35 years of experience with an extensive team of professionals who can assist you. Look here for some of our services.


hand in hand sERVICE


We help you search for your dream house, holiday apartment or villa.


We supervise and support the purchase and or renovation.


Retrospective service for the things that are important.

We work together with most estate agents. 

That is why we have access to almost all properties for sale in Jávea and surroundings. You can let us know what you are looking for, then we can start the search for you. In most cases this will save you a lot of time and you will come to a result quicker. Of course we also help with the price negotiations.

What does our service cost?

If you buy a property from our own inventory then our service will cost you nothing because the owner pays for our service. If you buy a house from an estate agent then you pay 1% of the purchase price for our service. But in many cases this can be negotiated with the selling party.

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